Building a new house in Palo Alto

Building a new house in Palo Alto

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Post Sunday Roundup: 30 days in 30 pictures

Recently everyone's been asking me how the house is coming along. Usually when I haven't posted in a while it means a lot is going on at our site. Either that, or we're binge-viewing a new series. Or both...(I love the House of Cards series more than a shark loves blood).

Friends of ours are building a house nearby and are blogging about it too. It's the ultimate fun house including a sports court with 18½-foot ceilings in the basement, plus a Googley slide that goes from one floor to another. Not only do I have house-envy, I have a huge case of blog envy because they post a photo every day. It's so simple and so totally brilliant.

So today, instead of blah-blah-blogging, I'm going to shut up and let my camera do the talking...
Building the porch ceiling with our reclaimed redwood siding (blog post coming soon).

Mocking up possible column designs.

Picking the window sill color.

Hmm...should the columns match the windows?

After painting a test patch on the 2nd story eaves we decide it's time to hire a color pro...

Our designer narrows the choices...lighter colors reflect more light into the house, she advises.

Black eaves? What were we thinking? We love the new color.

Next up, stucco colors!

Thomas's top pick. 
Kay's top pick.  Guess who won convinced someone her color is better?

Hanging drywall. PRO TIP: For soundproofing insulate exterior AND interior walls.
For flatter walls, upgrade to 5/8" sheetrock (it has an extra layer of reinforcement).

For extra, extra soundproofing upgrade to QuietRock. We used this in the bedrooms.

Fancy ceiling in the master.

Taping the drywall seams.

Obligatory dog photo in their fleecies. It's cold in the house!

Taping the master steam shower.

The steam shower is covered with Bituthene, a vapor barrier membrane.
(It's pronounced bitch-a-thane...sounds badass, eh?)

Applying a mortarbed for the tile in the steam shower.

My pretty, pretty Calcutta marble bench.

Wrapping a beam with our reclaimed redwood siding.

Some cool looking but totally impractical high shelves in the guest room.

Installing a window seat in Baby O's nursery.

Installing the vanity in the Jack & Jill bathroom.

Choosing tile.

Hanging tile.

The pebble shower floor tile that no one liked except me. (Veto power rocks.)

Our interior paint is up thanks to El Gato Painting.

Yes, I paid an extra $50 for this funky fly-eye sun tunnel screen because I couldn't stop staring at it.

We're using the ribbon glass from the original house in the kitchen skylights.

The front door is in!  It's made out of a renewable hardwood called Lyptus. 
P.S. Nick at Pioneer Millwork is the best.

There you have it, all the photos fit to print! If a picture's worth a thousand words, you can be glad you didn't have to muddle through 30,000 words just because you were wondering how the house is coming along.


  1. hey my donkeys need fleecies
    where can they get them
    do they come in other colors

  2. Hi, Kay, I am enjoying your blog. I am starting a smaller project north of you on the Peninsula. Would love to connect with you to get referrals for some of your people, etc. Could not find a way to contact you, so thought d post here. Is there a contact link that I missed? Thanks n advance for help. Love the Weirmaraner stucco!

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